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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Lovely, Luring, Lithe, Luscious Ladies of Lost are all Saying: Get to BADD LOST THEORIES

Ok for some reason you are dithering at my EVIL TWIN site.
I know my real site is badd to the bone, but seriously, cowboy up!
Just picture yourself in a nice warm, safe spot.
Here comes the Dharma Bus, just jump on NOW

Hurly says this way to BADD LOST THEORIES
Come On!
What's the Deal?
You think Kate is gonna come and pick you up on her motercycle and take you there?
Well What do you know, here she is.
What you holding out?
Well look who else drives a motercycle!
Catherine Bell!
What are you doing here?
I'm heading over to Badd Lost Theories, see ya there!

Ok, so you passed on the Hurley Van,
You passed on riding with Kate!
and You passed on riding with Catherine Bell!!!
Are you Crazy!?!?
And I'm not talking, wild and crazy and fun
No I mean bat shit barn owls roosting in your noggin, crazy!
That's about right.
I mean what do you think you are going to find here?
Oh, so that's what you'r looking for?
Well this is the EVIL TWIN to Badd Lost Theories
So you're looking for the lovely, lithesome, lucious ladies of LOST?
Well get on over to BADD LOST THEORIES
and you just might find them!
It's not like Ilana is just going to magically show up here!
I spoke to soon.
What your name is really Zuleikha Robinson, and you're heading over to BADD LOST THEORIES?
See ya there!

Run like the wind Bulls eye!

Ok so what are you doing?
You thought because the title of this post is:
Lovely, Luring, Lithe, Luscious Ladies of Lost
there would be lots of sexy photos of the ladies in Lost?

We'll Shannon seems to think you might be on to something?

Claire's crazy but still cute and she's going. Head to BADD LOST THEORIES

Emilie de Ravin's not looking to crazy now, that's because she's heading to BADD LOST THEORIES

Alex is thinking about going as soon as she gets off this Island, and gets that hair untangled
Priorities change, Alex is heading to Yale, but first she's stopping by BADD LOST THEORIES
Yale better watch out, she's bad on the Island and off.

Elizabeth Mitchell is not gonna put up with this stalling!

Juliet's packing heat
In more ways than one

What more mud? This Island is messy!
Mud's gone and Juliet is ready to go to BADD LOST THEORIES
Charlotte Lewis, (Rebecca Mader )

Sun is going to Badd Lost Theories as soon as she takes a swim

Sun is sexy when she finds hope (just think how sexy she'll be when she gets to BADD LOST THEORIES
Sun has arrived at Badd Lost Theories and lets loose her badd side
Yunjin Kim is burning to get over to Badd Lost Theories

Libby's good,
but Nikki's bad to the bone

Marsha Thomason (), Michelle Rodriguez (Anna Lucia)

Penny (Sonya Walger) says don't wait head over to Badd Lost Theories  

But if you're not going to listen to anyone else, take it from Kate, get to BADD LOST THEORIES NOW!

Yes, there's lots of time to lounge around and theorize at when you get to BADD LOST THEORIES
Evangeline Lilly is strutting her bad self down the runway & going straight to BADD LOST THEORIES

Kate is heading to Hydra Island to use a different runway to get to BADD LOST THEORIES

 Get to BADD LOST THEORIES NOW! Kate's getting impatient 

 And you don't wanna make her mad 

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